About me

My name is Sabrina. I'm 19 years old and from Switzerland.


I started creating videos at the age of 15. It's my favorite activity in my spare time.

This summer I finished my apprenticeship as a commercial employee. Unfortunately I realized that working as a commercial employee is not my perfect match. What I really wanna do is video editing.


Switzerland is not a good place for becoming a video editor, there are way too less jobs out there.


So my only chance becoming a professional video editor is having many orders in my portfolio.



Do you need a video editor for your business or as a private person?

I am your perfect match!! For less money I'm going to edit your videos.


You are not from Switzerland? Absolutely no problem! You can send the video material to my e-mail or share it via a file-sharing site.



This is my YouTube channel:

I'm sure what you will see is going to satisfy you. =)

Anyway, convince yourself on your own!!


Please get in touch with me for any job offers: